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As a young lawyer out of law school, I had the great learning experience of working under some of the most esteemed litigators in the state while representing multinational banks, international conglomerates, and the uber rich, as they waged legal battles against each other in California’s state and federal courts.   They taught me how to prepare my client’s cases, listen to judges, and crawl inside the psyche of the other side as we prepared for trial after trial.  I deposed officers of some of the largest corporations in the world and prepared for trial again and again in cases where hundreds of millions of dollars were at issue.

In the course of my first several years as a litigator for corporations, I learned things that remain equally important in every case I take for California employees:

  • Prepare a solid case — Every case is different, and I take the time to gather critical details so I know that I can present my client’s side of the story to its fullest effect;
  • Take a practical approach — Considering litigation against a current or former employer isn’t an easy decision.  I can explain the potential outcomes of doing so, given each worker’s unique experiences so they can make an educated decision;
  • Consider litigation alternatives — Going to trial is an expensive, slow-moving last resort, and there is always risk.  I always try to negotiate a fair settlement to avoid unnecessary courtroom battles.

I work for employees on a contingency basis, which means they only pay me if they win or receive a settlement.  And in such circumstances, I make the employer pay 100% of my fees, never my employee clients.

Employers have tenacious, aggressive, highly compensated attorneys on their side, and I am committed to the proposition that employees who have been underpaid are nonetheless entitled to top-quality, zealous representation.   It is my mission for  a decade to provide California workers such a skillful, organized, tenacious representation as to level the field against corporate interests who have chosen to violate California’s wage-and-hour laws.  Often these corporate interests find that its cheaper to violate the law and deny their employees full benefits and pay, and to deal with legal situations as they emerge.

Doing business in California is not always easy.  The laws are complex and are some of the most pro-employee laws in the nation.   When employers attempt to bypass the rights of workers to save a few dollars, I am there to represent workers on a contingency basis to get them all they are owed.

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Call Glenn Nunes Law at 424-281-0785 or contact me online today for your free consultation.   Representing employees throughout California,  I fight for workers’ wages on a pure contingency basis and am devoted to ensuring that employees receive a lawyer who is as tough or tougher than the lawyer on the corporate side.

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